The mounting pressure of growing curriculum added with homework and extra-curricular classes is making childhood very stressful for youngsters as well as parents. Gone are the days when kids played in your house compound for a long time, breaking glasses, eating munchies at some friends place, fighting over who won and who cheated. Parents usually complain there exists so much to check and homework for being done too, where is time to play? how should we make studying a great activity to the child? how do she/he enjoy his/her childhood and stays atop competition too?

Set weekly targets: Parents should set weekly targets per topics and subjects covered in class, and determine a day every week when he/she really should be prepared with all the weekly portion. Don’t panic if with a particular day much was not done. Encourage the child to disguise until the target day. Of course make realistic targets, bearing in mind daily homework, recreation some time and other activities. You can get kids to create targets themselves. It would be fantastic lesson in planning and execution.

Make a work group: Make a band of 3-4 children- child’s classmates, the people he/she is super at ease with. All needs to have the same study target. On the scheduled day-say Friday afternoon, make an effort to meet at someone’s house/coffee shop, create a questionnaire/ quiz for everyone related to the weekly target. After the quiz they might be can be given a tiny treat after which take them to get a movie/park/beach as a reward for completing their weekly target. Having your close friends in precisely the same target zone encourages the child to examine regularly plus they might even improve in tests, it is going to effectively reduce stress during exams.

Play time: A couple of hours of free play/sport must be scheduled for each day, no matter what homework, extra classes and look. After all academics isn’t everything within the world. Having a calm and balanced child will his health and happiness for future.

Beware: Big study group most likely are not a good idea. It will be like school and classes, using fun element away. Do not compare your children ever. Remember you need to make study fun rather than make your child or someone else look small. Refrain from marking or ranking, otherwise it’ll be another stress to handle every week.
Remember what you are doing this for making study fun and lift off the pressure and stress with the present education system.