While being strict, disciplining, and providing materialistic support for your children you have to spend ‘time’ with these. It needn’t be doing productive things only. Sometime doing simple such things as gardening, repairing something both at home and even watching TV together help to create lifelong bonds along with your kids. Yes, watching television along with your kids is an effective activity to increase and build bonds between parents and kids. Three reasons that will motivate you to see television along with your child no matter what his/her age:

Develops understanding: When a parent watches television with his/her children, they might usually argue then mutually agree to observe something that attracts both, as well as one party will have to compromise. This should be seen as excellent chance to teach children about adjustment. It is very important to master the lesson of creating few adjustments inside your life for your family and friends. Also parents and youngsters develop mutual understanding and respect per other’s choices. Ofcourse, both sides have to take turns to create that little sacrifice to the other. Only then trust and understanding develops.

Discussion and amicability: When parents and youngsters watch something together, there’s always going to be different perspective on issues; by discussing and debating amicably there might be a better knowledge of the issue by all parties. Discussion and debate encourages children to consider out their thoughts clearly and set it across, buy guidance and correction from the experienced parent. Never debate authoritatively because which will stop the kid from thinking freely. The idea is usually to teach the little one to look at issues from all of angles. Don’t be critical or disparaging, or else you never know what the kid thinks and he/she wouldn’t even would like to tell you. You would like to encourage freedom of speech and free thinking here. Every generation thinks differently. Open your brain and have a healthy discussion or debate, without heated arguments. It is not necessary to agree into one view point, issues could be left without conclusion. Idea is always to set your child thinking. If handled carefully discussion improves relation and increases family understanding.

Bridge Generation gap: When parents watch programs what kids want and alternatively kids watch what parents like, both discover how to understand the perspective with the other generation. It’s very essential to bridge the generation gap, and this too inside a respectful way. This helps to resolve other problems that can up in the future. Parents see the challenges, likes and dislikes in the new generation additionally, on the other hand, kids discover why their parents think and slowly move the way they are doing.

At the final, it’s essential to enjoy the other person’s company, invest some time together and respect the other person. Respect is often a key word here. Just as parents expect kids to respect them, even kids require respect from parents because they grow older.Television is often a great method to connect.